Luxury villa in the heart of Jaipur

luxury villa outside view

Versatile interior experience with aluminium windows and doors

This exquisite private bungalow in Jaipur exemplifies the perfect combination of form and function, resulting in an ultra-modern and elegant appearance.

The luxurious private bungalow is a harmonious fusion of contemporary style and practicality, showcasing both beauty and functionality. With sleek modern design elements, the space exudes elegance and sophistication, while its functionality guarantees visual appeal, comfort, and efficiency.

This particular project showcases AluK's collection of aluminum sliding door systems, including the SC95 and 45DS. By incorporating these systems into the house's design, the living spaces are more open and interconnected.

In the bedroom, expansive sliding doors have been installed to connect the indoor living space with the outdoor terrace garden. This not only provides a stunning view of the outside but also allows natural light to flood the room.

This house has been designed to have a wonderful combination of both security and openness, where you can feel the comfort of being at home while still being able to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors.

Project Information

  • Location:  Jaipur, Rajasthan 
  • Building Type: Luxury Residential Bungalow
  • Products Applied: AluK Home SC95 sliding doors 45DS door systems
bedroom view with sliding systems Larger sliding door in the living area Opposite side view of luxury villa Panoramic view of the luxury villa inside view of the villa with sliding doors