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Discover the future of living with AluK Home, where innovation meets elegance, and your dream home becomes a reality. Step into our Home Experience Center, a space designed to inspire, educate, and elevate your understanding of architectural possibilities.

At AluK, we believe that windows and doors are more than just functional elements of a building; they are a gateway to a world of aesthetics, comfort, and sustainability. Our Experience Center is a testament to this belief, showcasing the finest in contemporary window and door systems that redefine the way you interact with your living spaces.


Our AluK Home Experience Center's

Inside our Experience Center, you'll embark on a journey through cutting-edge designs, unmatched craftsmanship, and a commitment to environmental responsibility. Our range of aluminum windows and doors stand as a testament to our dedication to innovation, performance, and style.

AluK Home experience center is a place where your vision for a beautiful, functional, and sustainable living space comes to life.



HYDERABAD - Showroom

Discover a world of architectural innovation and style at our AluK Home showroom in Hyderabad. Located in the heart of the city, our showroom offers a glimpse into the future of living spaces. Explore a wide range of cutting-edge aluminum windows and doors that seamlessly blend aesthetics, comfort, and sustainability. 





GURUGRAM - Showroom

Experience the art of modern living at our AluK Home showroom in Gurugram. Nestled in the bustling city, our showroom is a showcase of elegance and functionality. Explore our range of luxury aluminum windows and doors designed to elevate your living environment. Whether you're an architect, builder, or homeowner, our Gurugram showroom is your gateway to a more comfortable and sustainable way of life.


AluK Home Experience center's by Partners 

AluK Home Partner Showrooms offers a diverse and personalized experience for those seeking the epitome of innovation and design. Our esteemed partners open their doors to showcase AluK's luxurious range of aluminum windows, doors, and more, each with its own distinct charm and expertise. Explore the unique offerings of AluK Home Partner Showrooms nearest to you and let your imagination soar. Your dream architectural project is closer than you think. With partner showrooms strategically positioned in key cities across India, you can easily find one near you.



AHMEDABAD - Showroom

Discover a curated selection of AluK Home range of luxurious aluminum windows and doors, thoughtfully chosen to complement the vibrant architectural landscape of Ahmedabad. Visit our AluK Home Partner Showroom today and let us inspire you to create architectural wonders that resonate with the city's rich cultural and historical tapestry.

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LUCKNOW - Showroom

ALuK Home is now open in Lucknow! Explore an exquisite selection of AluK Home premium aluminum windows, doors, and more handpicked to infuse natural light, modern aesthetics, and sophistication into your living spaces. Our showroom offers bespoke customization options, ensuring that your choice reflects your unique vision for your Lucknow home. Visit Now!

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CHENNAI - Showroom

Immerse yourself in elegance at the AluK Home Partner Showroom, showcasing luxurious aluminum windows and doors curated to harmonize with Chennai's architectural charm, inviting you to create bespoke wonders inspired by the city's rich cultural tapestry. Elevate your spaces with AluK Home and redefine architectural brilliance today.



CALICUT - Showroom

Welcome to the AluK Home Experience Center, a haven of modernity and style nestled in Calicut's heart.Discover the future of home design with AluK's cutting-edge windows and doors showcased at our immersive Experience Center in Calicut, Kerala.




Indulge in sophistication at the AluK Home Partner Showroom in Chandigarh, where we present a collection of luxurious aluminum windows and doors designed to complement the city's architectural allure. Immerse yourself in our curated selection, inviting you to craft bespoke wonders inspired by Chandigarh's vibrant cultural heritage.



BELGAUM - Showroom

Experience the epitome of luxury and sophistication at the grand opening of the AluK Home Partner showroom in Belgaum, showcasing a diverse range of premium aluminium systems. Visit today and elevate your living space with unparalleled style and innovation



JAMMU - Showroom

Explore the pinnacle of architectural innovation at the AluK Home Experience Center in Jammu, where luxury aluminium systems meet expert guidance. Open to homeowners, architects, consultants, and specifiers alike, discover a curated selection of premium products designed to elevate every space.



DEHRADUN- Showroom

Step into a world of innovation and elegance at the brand new AluK Home Experience Center, in Dehradun! This showroom is in collaboration with Aquatech, marks a new chapter in bringing premium quality aluminium windows, doors, and façades closer to homeowners and architects in the region.

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