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Everything You Should Know About Aluminium Windows and Doors

From aesthetics to performance, aluminium offers many advantages. It has a long lifespan, is endlessly recyclable, highly durable, with a wide range of finishes and maintenance-free.  Discover on this page everything you need to know about aluminium windows and doors for your beautiful home.


What's in a U-Value?

When you’re buying new windows and doors, you’ll often see references to the U-Value, which is essentially a measurement of their thermal efficiency and how well (or how badly) they stop heat transferring from inside to out. 

Are Aluminium Windows Energy-Efficient?

Record fuel costs mean the energy efficiency of our homes has probably never been under more scrutiny.

How Should You Clean Your Windows?

Aluminium is a low maintenance option for new windows and doors, but that doesn’t mean it’s zero maintenance. We always recommend a regular cleaning schedule and a little TLC.

Are You Making a Wise Investment?

If you’re thinking of buying new windows or doors, then you’ll want to be sure that you’re making a wise investment.

Bifold or slider – what’s the difference?

Bifolds and sliders are high on many people’s home improvement wish lists because they’re both a great way to bring in lots of natural light and make the most of views of the outside. They open and close smoothly and effortlessly and both provide an easy and stylish transition from the house to the garden.  

What Does it Mean When You See the Secured By Design Logo on a Product?

Lots of the window and door systems in AluK’s range are described as being Secured by Design accredited – but what’s behind the letters SBD?