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Everything You Should Know About Aluminium Windows and Doors

From aesthetics to performance, aluminium offers many advantages. It has a long lifespan, is endlessly recyclable, highly durable, with a wide range of finishes and maintenance-free.  Discover on this page everything you need to know about aluminium windows and doors for your beautiful home.


Green Mortgages Incentivise Green Homes

Uncover a hidden advantage in energy efficiency with 'Green Mortgages.' High Street lenders offer enticing perks for A or B-rated properties. Explore financial benefits and elevate your home's efficiency with AluK's advanced windows and doors, meeting the latest Building Regulations Part L.

Ready for Whatever the Weather has in Store

AluK's frames, treated with eco-friendly components, promise enduring elegance. Our advanced processes guarantee exceptional performance, enduring harsh weather for many years. Powder coated with AkzoNobel Interpon coatings at our eco-conscious Chepstow HQ, our frames blend longevity with environmental responsibility. Opt for sustainable style and unmatched durability with AluK.

Weather Performance - what you need to know

"Weather Performance - what you need to know" discusses the importance of understanding weather performance classifications for windows and doors when making a purchase. These classifications indicate the durability and thermal efficiency of the product and are the result of standardized tests conducted by accredited, independent test centers.

What is a Competent Person Scheme

A Competent Person Scheme is a crucial aspect when buying replacement windows and doors. These schemes, regulated by the government for over two decades, aim to raise industry standards in building refurbishment and eliminate unqualified contractors, providing homeowners with peace of mind.

How big can you go?

Demysifying standard parameters and guidelines for window and door sizes in the UK, based on Building Regulations compliance. While there are no "standard" sizes, there are weight limits for window sashes. We provide specific size details for different window and door styles, including bifolds, sliders, French doors, and front doors. 

Our guide to planning and permitted development.

A comprehensive guide to Planning and Permitted Development Rights as a homeowner. Check out our Guide to Permitted Development Rights for all the information you need to know. Including comprehensive tips and helpful advice for adding new windows and doors to your home, extension or garden office.