What’s hot in 2023? – design trends for windows and doors

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It’s good news for aluminium – which is arguably just about the most sustainable material on the planet.

This is the time of year when the home and interiors magazines are packed with their predictions of the upcoming design trends – including windows and doors. Here’s what the likes of Real Homes, Home Building & Renovating, Good Housekeeping, Stylist Magazine and even Architectural Digest think will be making the design headlines in 2023:

Sustainable materials
It’s good news for aluminium – which is arguably just about the most sustainable material on the planet. Designers think the trend for natural and recyclable materials will continue, with cork, bamboo, sisal and reclaimed wood all likely to be popular as well.

Nature inside
In line with that, the theme of bringing nature inside isn’t going away, with green and natural tones featuring heavily – as well as lots of house plants, stone kitchen surfaces and splashbacks, and textured tiles. 

This is a combination of light-coloured walls and backdrops from Scandinavian design and dark timbers from Japanese interiors, brought together to create a very distinct, minimalist look.

Dark and warm
The Pantone colour for 2023 is Viva Magenta – a rich, warm red, and that is a theme which lots of the magazines are reporting. Warm reds, browns and terracottas are all tipped to make a comeback, along with a dark, smokey colour palette of blacks, inky blues and plums – very much in line with the Elements and Homestead options in our colour range. Black will feature once more in metallic finishes – with the trend we’re already seeing on doors and windows moving onto interior handles and even taps as well.

The open plan living space will continue to evolve as designers expect homeowners to increasingly carve out space for themselves to suit their changing lifestyles. It could be anything from installing a mezzanine in a double height space to create a workspace or reading room, to adding slatted screens to zone off a hobby area. 

Where the emphasis is on bringing natural light into the home, rooflights will be as popular as ever when it comes to design trends in windows and doors – especially in rooms with sliders and bifolds looking out to the garden. Several of the magazines expect there to be more emphasis on shading though and on using external louvres and even exposed internal joists to reduce glare.

We’ll be checking back in 12 months’ time to see how many of these design trends for windows and doors have come true!

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