Green Mortgages Incentivise Green Homes


Green Mortgages Incentivise Green Homes

Uncover a hidden advantage in energy efficiency with 'Green Mortgages.' High Street lenders offer enticing perks for A or B-rated properties. Explore financial benefits and elevate your home's efficiency with AluK's advanced windows and doors, meeting the latest Building Regulations Part L.

Did you know there’s another incentive to living in an energy efficient home – as well as the obvious benefit of lower fuel bills?

A number of High Street lenders are now offering what Martin Lewis, the Money Saving Expert, is calling ‘Green Mortgages’. These offer discounted rates and cashback to anyone buying or mortgaging a property with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of A or B. 

NatWest offers a discounted rate, Nationwide offers cashback as well as £5-£15K interest-free loans to spend on green home improvements, and Barclays offers a preferential mortgage rate for new-build properties rated A or B.

The Money Saving Expert website clearly states: “Lenders are willing to offer incentives of this nature because they increasingly see energy-efficient properties – in this era of combating climate change – as less risky purchases and more likely to hold their value. Plus, if a homeowner is spending less on their energy bills each month, there's less of a chance they'll struggle to meet their mortgage repayments.” 

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

More than 80% of new build homes are now rated A or B, which means they have a 
Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) score of 81+ (81-91 for a B and 92-100 for an A). However, older properties need significant upgrades to get within reach of that.

According to The Energy Saving Trust, the most important of these are insulation (walls, floors, loft and hot water cylinder), low energy lighting, solar photovoltaic panels and of course double glazing. In fact, it’s estimated that replacing single glazing with double glazing can boost a property’s EPC score by up to 10 points on its own.

AluK’s range of windows and doors all come double glazed as standard, and many with the option of triple glazing as well. Meanwhile, our new HI products (BSF70 HI bi-fold, 58BW HI window, 58BD Hi door) come with upgraded insulation within the frames which makes them even more thermally efficient and fully compliant with the new Building Regs Part L.

Obviously, new windows and doors can never be the only element in an EPC upgrade, but they can be an important part of it. All the product info you need is here: (Enhancing Your Life | AluK Home GB).