French Doors – Traditional Styling, With Modern Performance


Timeless Elegance Meets Modern Functionality

For a touch of classic charm with the benefits of modern innovation, look no further than French doors. AluK's French door systems seamlessly blend traditional aesthetics with exceptional performance, offering you a beautiful and versatile solution for your home.

If you’re looking for something different to sliding doors or bifolds, then why not think about French doors? They’re ideal for more traditional homes and give you lots of flexibility when it comes to opening options and adding sidelights.

AluK has a range of different door systems which are perfect for manufacturing open-out and open-in French doors, and they’re understandably a very popular choice opening out onto gardens and opening in with Juliette balconies.

You can choose from our 58BD, BSF70 or F82 door systems and, with the 58BD, you can even have a standard or a flush sash.

Of course, with all our French doors, you can open just one of the doors for quick and easy access or throw open both to enjoy the sunshine or the view. You can even have the same low thresholds you get with sliders and bifolds to achieve an almost  seamless transition from inside to out, or you can add a step if that suits your garden better.

French doors have always been a great way of bringing light into your home, and they work especially well in smaller spaces where the large expanses of glass in sliders and bifolds might look out of place. Of course, if you do want the fully glazed look, you can add fixed lights either side and get a similar result - at a more competitive price.

You can add mid rails or Georgian bars to your 58BD, BSF70 or F82 French doors if you want a really traditional look, and you can choose almost any colour (inside and out) and lots of different handles and hardware to suit the style and décor of your home.

You can obviously style your doors with curtains or blinds, and sheer curtains and voiles work particularly well if you’re planning on fitting French doors in a bedroom or opening onto a first floor balcony.

Whatever you choose though, with AluK’s door systems, you get a reliable, durable system with Secured By Design accreditation for peace of mind. Frame widths can be as slim as 97mm, giving you more glass and less frame, and there are three different frame depths (58mm, 70mm and 82mm) so you can get the perfect door to fit a traditional or a modern build.