Aluminium Windows & Doors

Stylish villa with large sliding doors

Stylish, high-performing aluminium windows and doors

As a leading brand in the aluminium window and door industry, AluK is acclaimed for its product design and engineering expertise. With an impeccable reputation spanning more than 70 years, our premium window and door products have been chosen for many of the world’s most advanced, iconic, prestigious commercial and residential buildings.

Designed with AluK’s high performance air seal, water barrier, and thermal break technology, our windows and doors not only look stunning, but provide long-term peace of mind and comfort whatever the climate.

From casement windows that beautifully balance form and function to sliders that open and expand your home as never before, the AluK Home range is designed to inspire.

Classic Casement Doors

Aluminium casement doors are a modern, stylish alternative to traditional wooden or PVC-U doors, and with our optional multipoint locking mechanism, AluK aluminium casement doors deliver outstanding security and peace of mind, making them the ideal choice for your entry and balcony doors!

Premium Casement Windows

AluK’s new generation of premium casement windows are engineered with the latest acoustic dampening and thermal protection technologies and designed with a sleek, modern aesthetic that includes concealed hinges and baseplate-less handles for truly elegant interior design.

Classic Casement Windows

AluK Home classic casement windows, designed in Europe, have been installed in tens of thousands of homes all across the world over the decades. Our long trusted classic casement windows all come with thermal breaks to ensure comfort despite any extreme weather and are tested to guarantee they surpass national standards for quality.

Premium Casement Doors

As opposed to traditional casement doors, our premium range is fitted with filiform hinges for a slim, sleek look, while the thresholdless design provides safe, easy access for children, seniors and everyone in between.

Even with this streamlined profile, our premium casement doors still deliver excellent thermal performance whether it’s a blustery winter or a sweltering summer.

Classic Sliding Windows

In places where space is at a premium, sliding windows offer an ideal solution. They take up no extra space while offering quick ventilation.

AluK Home’s classic sliding windows are further designed for effortless, smooth operation with integrated thermal breaks to conserve energy and create a cosy, comfortable living space.